what's been happening at Yambulla

Managing the land at Yambulla is a constantly evolving, collaborative process. There's always a lot going on.
Here, we try to record a little of what is happening each month to share learnings
and allow others to follow our progress.

December 2021

Last week we had the best brains we know on the job, what these men don’t know about controlling feral animals such as foxes, cats, pigs and deer isn’t worth knowing.

October 2021

We are told by First Nations Knowledge holders that this 300+ year old Narrow Leafed Peppermint, Eucalyptus radiata by a waterhole on the Yambulla Creek, sits on the Songline from Mallacoota to Kosciusko.

August 2021

Guided by our expert Charlie Maslin, we are gently changing the water flow patterns in our Wet Tussock Grasslands allowing us to begin repairing erosion damage caused by cattle grazing

July 2021

Traditional Owners of the Australian landscape burnt country to rejuvenate it. Fire encourages new growth, resulting in more food for humans and other fauna. They did this ensure a consistent food supply.

April 2021

The plantation our tenant is currently harvesting is a fairly traditional forestry model, focussing on economic sustainability — maximum return in minimum time. Good plantations can also find room for being environmentally sustainable. We are including a third goal — social sustainability.

March 2021

We were very fortunate in the recent floods as the rains were predominantly further to the north however they did work their way south for a day and we received 160mm. Myrtle Mountain, about 50km from here received 500mm in the same period!

March 2021

The Wild Bullock Swamp: Two years ago we had a young crew of nieces, nephews and friend's kids in to spray blackberry in the 50 hectare Wild Bullock Swamp - Spray Camp 2019.

January 2021

What started in July as a lunch at Yambulla with Bruce Pascoe and his mob has evolved into a new and very exciting relationship with his social enterprise Black Duck Foods.

January 2021

Much to our relief our tenant started harvesting their plantation of Shining Gum in January. There had been discussion of them abandoning it entirely due to the damage sustained in the 2020 bushfires.

December 2020

An excellent growing season has revealed some prolific pastures of Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra).

November 2020

We’ve engaged forestry expert Gary Featherstone who has put together a proposal for a Forest Management Plan (FMP).

February 2020

Two days after the fire passed our nearest neighbour, 7km to our north, travelled down to Yambulla.

January 2020

On January 2nd a lightening strike started a fire on Mt Coopracambra. We were advised to evacuate.