Become a part of our story

Yambulla invites curious, like-minded individuals and organisations to come with us on this journey. Here’s how you can get involved and support our mission:


Staying at  Yambulla Lodge is a way to learn more about what we do and see the results up close.

The Yambulla Project depends on after tax revenue from Yambulla Lodge so your visit will be supporting the good work we do. 

It’s also a really great short-break holiday.

We have developed some packages where you can direct your holiday spend to sponsor our work, see what you are actually funding and get reports over 12 months on the progress.

SPONSOR OUR BLACKBERRY CONTROL PROGRAM - A family of 4 stay can expand our work this year by 50 hectares

We accept controlling weeds isn’t the sexiest thing we do but... it is essential work AND we are really good at it. Each year we control 150 hectares of blackberry (an area the size of Sydney's CBD!), as we clear this shockingly invasive Weed of National Significance (WONS) we are converting the land to native grain fields that can be harvested by Bruce Pascoe's Black Duck Foods.

At the rate we are going, this project will take 16 years, but you can help speed it up. Bring a family of four to stay with us this summer, nominate that this is what you'd like to contribute to and you will increase the amount of area we spray by 50 hectares! This is an area the size of 70 soccer fields. While you are with us we will take you out, show you how it's done, maybe even a ride on the back of the truck.

We will also provide a years supply of our house-made blackberry jelly. Then for one year following your stay we will keep you up to date on the progress your contribution has made with photos, maps and videos.

SPONSOR OUR CULTURAL AWARENESS  PROGRAM - A family of 4 stay can employ a knowledge holder for 1 month

One of the many things we have learnt from working with First Nations knowledge holders is their lessons to us in Caring for Country lack meaning if the knowledge holders aren't on the ground implementing it. Our objective at Yambulla is to fund full time employment for as many knowledge holders as possible.

Last winter we had Nathan Lygon, Yuin man and knowledge here holder helping with Cultural burning. This work improves the quality of our native grasslands and is beneficial to many species.

We need more Indigenous knowledge holders like Nathan doing essential year-round work at Yambulla. Each family of 4 that comes stay with us funds 1 month of knowledge holder employment.

Choose this option and we will organise a Cultural practitioner to be in site during your stay and you will be kept up to date with reports, photos and video on the Cultural land management work that we undertake for the next year.

SPONSOR OUR WILDLIFE MONITORING PROGRAM - A family of 4 stay can fund 3 months

Monitoring wildlife is one of our super important jobs. We work with NSW Vertebrate Pest Research Unit scientist Dr Andrew Claridge who brings to the Yambulla Project a wealth of knowledge. He set us up with wildlife cameras that monitor pest (fox, cat, pig and deer) and native species by taking tens of thousands of photos each month.

By sponsoring this program you get to participate in cutting edge science.

Each family of 4 that comes stay with us can fund 3 months of wildlife camera monitoring.

Choose this option and we will take you out on the farm buggies to see the cameras and get you involved in reviewing the photos during your stay.

We will also send super cute regular images from the cameras to you and your kids throughout the year and you will be the first to know once we have crunched the data to see what trends are occurring in the landscape!



The Yambulla Project is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making Country the best it can be through conservation, knowledge-sharing, research and education.

We rely on after tax revenue from Yambulla Lodge and support from our partners. Our ultimate goal is to become self-sustaining with earnings from our various enterprises being reinvested into our good works.

But for now, we need your support.

We accept donations from individuals and organisations to help cover expenses such as First Nations’ consultants, feral animal control, tree-planting and research.

B-corps or organisations interested in discussing partnerships, please get in touch.

We are in the process of applying for DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. In the meantime, tax deductible gifts can be made through one of our partner organisations Back to Country.

Donations can be made via their website or by bank transfer: BSB 032 691 AC No 513 265

Please email us once you've donated so we can send you a receipt and say thanks.


Yambulla is grateful for the collaboration and support of a range of partner organisations.
Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Yambulla Partner.